If your questions aren’t answered here, please contact us at Salvere Farm.  We’re happy to help.

When can I order? When will my order ship?
Ordering starts June 1st.  This gives us a chance to observe the crop in the field during the growing season before you order.  Ordering early is recommended as certain varieties can sell out quickly.

Shipping starts in mid-August.  The bulbs are harvested in July and need time to dry and be cleaned and graded before shipping.

How do I order?
You can order online at this website on the “Shop” page, or by contacting the farm to place your order and then sending a check.  PayPal processes the online payments securely.  You do not need a PayPal account to order, you can just select to pay with a credit card at checkout.

If you pre-order before shipping starts in mid-August, your payment is due at the time of your order.

I have a small garden, can I order just one pound?
Yes. We are one of the few sites in this area that allow small orders, and offer a diverse selection of varieties for the home gardener.  We also offer a 1 pound Sampler Pack of four varieties for those just starting out.
Do you offer bulk discounting?
Yes.  Large seed stock is discounted based on this chart.  Medium size table stock is a flat $10 per pound for any quantity.  Contact us to discuss possible options for very large orders over 100#s.


  • 1-3#s is $17 per pound
  • 4-9#s is $15 per pound
  • 10#+ is $12 per pound
How will my garlic be shipped? Can I pick it up at the farm?
Orders are shipped on a first ordered, first shipped basis.  I use the USPS and UPS for shipping.  Your shipping costs and options will be calculated at check out based on your location and order size.

You can always opt to pick up your order here at the farm.  Contact us if you want to pick up your order here.

How much garlic do I need for the space I am planting?
We get this question a lot.  The answer depends on a few variables:

What is the distance between your rows?  What is your in row plant spacing?  How many bulbs are in a pound, and how many cloves are in each bulb?

Here at Salvere Farm we plant 3 rows in a 4′ bed with 15″ between rows.  In row spacing is 5.25″ between plants.  Other farms use different spacings and you can choose for yourself what the best spacing is for your farm.  Too close and you will grow more plants but of an overall smaller size.  Too far apart and you will grow larger bulbs but at the cost of bed space and weed pressure.

Bulbs and cloves per pound varies based on the variety and bulb size.  Large seed stock generally has on average between 6-10 bulbs per pound.  Medium seed/table stock has on average between 10-14 bulbs per pound.  See the individual variety for number of cloves per bulb.

So, equipped with this information and a calculator you should be able to figure out how many pounds you need to order.  If you want any help just contact us and we can figure it out together.

What is the difference between Large and Medium? Can I plant the Medium?
The only difference is size of the bulb.  Large is 2″ and up. Medium is 1.5″-2″.

Medium size, or what is often called Table/Kitchen stock, is fine for planting also.  If you want to get a lot of bulbs per pound to build up your planting stock, or your market does not demand large bulbs, medium would be what you are looking to purchase and plant.