A Certified Organic Family Farm

Salvere Farm is a family owned and operated farm located on the northeast end of Otisco Lake in Marietta, NY.  We grow a diverse mix of vegetables, herbs, and small fruits.  Currently we sell garlic for seed and table, potatoes, winter squash, and other vegetables for online sales, wholesaling, and/or pickup at the farm.  We became Certified Organic when the farm was started in 2005.  We have always grown all of our produce according to a mix of tried and true organic methods along with the newest advancements in eco-agriculture. We have never used synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides on the farm.  Nutrient density of our produce is very important to us and we continue to improve our soils every year.  Brix levels (an indicator of mineral density and plant health) continue to rise and the veggies get tastier each summer.  They also last longer in storage.  Our products have been sold through our website, the Farmshed Food Hub, at farmer’s markets, to various restaurants and stores, and through a member supported CSA.

Salvere means to be in good health, to cure and to save. It is the root of Salvia which is the genus that sage belongs to. Sage has been a medicinal and culinary herb throughout history and is the namesake herb of the farm. As one Chinese saying goes “How can a man grow old who has sage in his garden?”

Meet The Farmers


Salvere Farm Owner

Darren is the owner/main farmer/purchaser/web developer/etc. at Salvere Farm.  He is also the main garlic purchaser from other farms and ensures  the level of quality through first hand observation.  Darren is also an Organic Inspector for crops, livestock, and processing facilities.

Julia, Sophia, Magnolia, Grandma, and Grandpa
Family aka reluctant labor

Whether it is help in the field, in the barn, childcare, or deliveries it is nice to have family help when needed.


Louie chases deer, frisbees, children, and other varmints.

KC Brandt
Farm Assistant

Planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, washing, etc., etc.