Time to Prep for fall planting

Now is the time to start prepping for fall planting if you live in upstate NY.  Hopefully you already have your soil test results back.  If not there is still time.  I love soil tests.  If you have never taken one most soils would do well with some compost and a balanced fertilizer.  I use lime or gypsum to add calcium, compost or rotted horse manure, usually some micronutrients, and a composted chicken manure fertilizer.  Garlic is pretty hardy and can grow in most soils but it doesn’t mind a bit of pampering either.  Just make sure wherever you plant is not an area that stays too wet.  And rotate!  I have been on a 3 year rotation but am moving into a new field this year to increase the rotation.  The plan is to actually not plant into the same ground for 8-10 years.  Even in a small garden you can usually find the space to rotate.  Space it out as long as you can but you should try for at least 3 years.

We have lots of great garlic seed still available.  Large or medium are still available for many varieties depending on what you prefer to plant.  Some people like large cloves and bulbs while others want more bulbs per pound so they like to buy the medium size. If you like really, really big bulbs I have them for these new varieties available this year: Carpathian, Arcuri Red, German White, and Elephant.

As always if you have any questions about growing garlic give a call or send an email.  I love to talk garlic.